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Thank You!     We couldn't do it without you.

Dear Campus-Based Professional,


Thank you for your interest in helping your students build a strong, authentic and safe community.  We ask all collegiate women who are interested in planting a College Moxie chapter on their campus to thoughtfully consider finding a faculty advisor who will connect with our mission and by whom they feel inspired and empowered.  Whether or not you find advising this group of women to be a good fit for you, we hope you will know you are appreciated and viewed by them as someone who cares.


College Moxie's mission is to educate collegiate women about risks associated with Campus Culture and equip them to stand strong and create positive change.  We address the importance of authentic community, pressures of social media, alcohol and drug use, respect and boundaries, sexual assault, hook-up culture and more.  We do this through a small group discussion curriculum, campus empowerment and awareness events and our EMPOW(h)ER speaker series.  We are committed to leading with love, speaking with respect and engaging with truth in all that we do.


As a campus chapter of College Moxie, the Executive Committee will be responsible for leading their members through our student-led ELEVATE small group curriculum, and planning campus empowerment events that promote self love and authenticity in female friendships.  We invite you to consider the impact your support would have on this group of women, and champion their efforts to make this Chapter a reality.

Should you be the first to find us, we would love to connect with women on your campus whom you find to be courageous leaders and who want to be change-makers for positive change in your community.  Should they apply to start a chapter with your guidance, please have them mention you in the comments of their application.


Thank you for your time and consideration.  We appreciate all that you do for your campus community.  

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