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"How to Gain Followers" Leadership Training

Have you ever seen a leader that everyone wants to follow? Does your community struggle with engagement and respecting leadership? Most people in leadership repeat what they have experienced and communicate in ways that work best for them, simply hoping for great results. The BEST leaders, however, go deeper- they read a room, engage confidently and understand key ingredients needed to gain buy in and build enthusiasm. How we connect matters and the good news is, we're all capable of excellent leadership if we approach with care and implement proven leadership strategies. Help your community’s leaders become more effective humans who are also respected, liked and appreciated.


  • Strengthen your community

  • Encourage more collaborative connections

  • Retain & place more PNMs during recruitment

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“I loved how you gave us actual things we can do to keep morale positive and get people to respect our leadership. Thanks for also talking about how to resolve conflict in a way that supports members while still holding behavior accountable.

Our community really needed to hear that.“

Student, University of Oklahoma

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Empowering Student Programming

What it Takes: Lessons from the NFL


After years of hard work and success in the NFL, Asante Cleveland found himself retired and struggling to find direction. Too much downtime brought up unaddressed trauma and everything he knew about being successful suddenly showed up differently. Looking back, he figured out what had worked and would again. Join Asante as he shares what made him elite, what brought his success and what he overcame to get there. He will share the four key components that got him to the NFL that are also the secrets to you reaching your goals.

Asante Cleveland, former NFL Tight End for the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, and San Diego Chargers, has skyrocketed from the football field to a bestselling author and captivating speaker. His compelling story is not just about what he did on the field but the discovery of four key elements that made him successful and transformed his limited college playing time into a remarkable 4-year NFL career. Bottom line: overcoming any obstacle to achieve one's dreams is not only possible but transformative. 

“It was incredible to see Asante's impact long after he left our students.  The power of his words truly resonated with them.“


Youth Program Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA

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  • Motivate personal and professional growth

  • Identify roadblocks to your success

  • Create pathways to achieve your goals

We've all felt pressures to be "enough" based on unachievable standards in media, society, and our social norms. Often times we are raised to believe that "perfection" is a realistic expectation so we mask our insecurities, avoid what is vulnerable and sit in shame and perceived failure when we turn out to be humans.  What if we decide that it's enough to be beautifully flawed and have grace for ourselves and chase our dreams to our fullest potential. Exposing lies that create unrealistic expectations transforms both our confidence and our communities.

Perfect isn't Real: Exposing the Lies We Believe

“I am so motivated now.

This is everything our campus needed.“


Chapter Member, Iowa State University

  • Instill more confidence in your members

  • Identify unhealthy pressures in your campus culture

  • Increase positivity and boost mental health

  • address campus pressures like party culture & “ring by spring”

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“So much of what you said was exactly what I needed to hear.  I can’t thank you enough.“


Chapter Member, University of Idaho


The End of “I’m Not Like Other Girls”

The phrase "I'm not like other girls" is thrown around a lot- we see it on our social media feeds, we hear it in our chapters, and we may have even murmured it ourselves to fit in- or rather stand out amongst the crowd. The reality is that we can embrace our similarities while also celebrating the qualities that make us unique- all while finding community in and empowering other women. Let's explore how to break free of comparison culture amongst women, utilize our unique qualities to our own benefit, and how to recognize our own worth without putting other women down.


  • Strengthen your community

  • Encourage more collaborative connections

  • Retain & place more PNMs during recruitment

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The hope of belonging is why many of us joined our organizations. People want to spend time in communities where we feel seen, heard and hold value.  But with so much focus on social media, text communication and learning dance moves- where does sisterhood truly exist for us today?  Let’s explore 5 shifts you can make to strengthen the sisterhood, morale and depth of connections within your organizations and how doing so will result in higher retention and happier members. 

Sisterhood in a TikTok World

  • Bring your community closer together

  • Identify ways your influence could be stronger

  • Become more intentional about how we connect

  • Utilize social media to create closer bonds

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"It’s easy to get caught up in college life, but this experience allowed me to pause my week and focus on bettering myself and the girls around me.  I loved knowing that I was uplifting girls on my campus by focusing on issues that first-hand affect us."


Chapter Member, University of Georgia

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