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College Moxie Consulting

Remedying Root causes
of issues that impact 
growth and retention

We believe that the key to a successful and sustainable community is happy members who find value in their membership experiences.  Throughout the process of our 360 Reviews we survey, interview and spend time with your members to discover barriers and threats to a strong culture while also identifying key members who have the ability to influence and cultivate lasting change.  We deliver back a detailed report and a robust action plan with proven strategies to get your community back on track to thrive.

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360 Reviews

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With every 360 Review we offer the option of our team implementing some of the key pieces of our Strength Plan for you. From customized workshops to fun ways to build confidence in your membership, our team is ready to go if your organization finds itself having the will without the bandwidth. We are also successful working in tandem with staff and volunteers at all levels to ensure streamlined communication and your community receiving multiple touch points of support.


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