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Panhellenic recruitment


Our uniquely created workshops utilize congruent language with every entity involved in your recruitment. They are so intentionally cohesive that by the time

PNM’s walk through your chapter doors, building strong, authentic community that

truly empowers women

is at the heart of everyone’s experience.

“Your story was so inspiring and eye opening.  I have always compared myself to others and never felt like I was good enough. I also have very beautiful friends which makes me hard on myself for not being able to look like them.  You helped me realize that I don’t need to be like everyone else.  I am amazing just the way I am.  Thank you so much for helping me realize that I am beautiful and strong just the way that I am.“

PNM,  University of Arizona

“Your words were so impactful and truly helped calm my nerves.“

 PNM, University of Kansas 

IMG_2623 2.HEIC

PNM pump up

Being a woman in college can be hard and the sorority experience can drastically enhance feelings of belonging, support and authentic connections. Setting a positive, optimistic tone for your PNMs is essential to them making strong connections and being open minded during the recruitment process.

Our PNM Pump Up strikes an ideal balance between building their confidence going in and setting them up to see value in every organization throughout. We focus on the extraordinary benefits of belonging to the Panhellenic community at large, and how this investment opportunity can translate to meaningful relationships and life-long support.


“Thank you for helping me believe in myself.  I'm so excited for recruitment now...“


PNM, Penn State University


“I just wanted to follow up and tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop the other day.  I was furiously taking notes throughout and am excited to apply your advice with my PNMs in recruitment and throughout other areas of my life.“

Recruitment Counselor,

University of Southern California


A lot of trainings discuss philosophy and offer broad instruction like “make PNMs feel comfortable” and “be an empathetic listener” but knowing HOW and WHAT to actually say in sometimes hard circumstances is a totally different assignment. Set your Recruitment Guides up for success with our scenario-based conversation cards that literally puts the answers in their hands. From meaningful ice breakers to going deep quickly we prepare you with everything you need to feel completely confident empowering PNMs to remain open and navigate difficult conversations when they arise.


RC training

“I loved the presentation and our chapter consult! It was really helpful to have third-party input about our concerns for recruitment and have her work with us to develop a plan. We hope to meet with her again!”

Chapter President, Penn State University


For a campus to place as many PNMs as possible, chapters need recruitment support, too.  From our experience most either struggle with confidence or morale.  Through a short detailed survey for your chapter leaders, we are able to identify key threats and create a custom, one hour, solution-based program just for them. We help them navigate member confidence, chapter morale, leadership challenges and everything in between.  Your chapters choose what they want our time to focus on and whether it is the entire chapter or just leadership in attendance.


“It was extremely helpful.  She gave such a nice perspective to our chapter and gave us a lot of great tangible ideas on how to address our main issues.  I'm excited to implement them all.”


VP Recruitment, University of Arizona


“My chapter knew we were struggling, but we weren’t quite sure in what ways specifically or what to do about it. College Moxie was able to come in and diagnose what was at the heart of our issues and helped us strategically plan to improve. Through many workshops, conversations and trainings my chapter grew in so many ways. I am so proud of the progress we have made and I know we could not have done it without the help of Lizz and her team.”

Chapter President,

University of Tennessee

The unique needs of growth-focussed chapters can impact entire communities and put a strain on both the chapter and its relationship with the larger community when it comes to alignment of vision and goals.  Our Chapter Reset Workshops dive deep with your chapters who need to grow, rooting them in confidence, building pride in their sisterhood and identifying ways they can move past whatever is holding them back.


We build safe spaces to get to the root of chapter-culture problems and co-create an action plan that has enthusiastic buy-in from members to shift forward.  Then, we leave them with our Building Strong Community Kit that houses 5 Recruitment workshops that create a firm chapter foundation and then shifts them to being PNM focussed.


Give your community the gift of overall strength and greater parity by supporting your smaller chapters to help the entire community grow.

chapter reset workshops


"College Moxie and their MasterClasses provided the Washington State Panhellenic Recruitment Chairs with an abundance of resources and innovative ideas. Lizz fostered unitive growth among the chapters and since then our community has seen a huge increase in collaboration across the board. It really makes a difference when chapters all work together towards the same goal, and we couldn’t have done it without College Moxie!"

VP Recruitment, Washington State University


This dynamic series focuses on how to successfully lead a chapter through recruitment, introducing leadership skills and recruitment strategies geared toward "motivating positively" and how to structure your prep time in a way that members won't feel burned out or overwhelmed.


We also address ways we can better align our values with our recruitment practices so we are moving our communities forward rather than simply doing what we've always done to ensure we are relevant and connecting to today's PNMs in the strongest way possible.


chapter Recruitment advisor WORKSHOP

Our alumnae advisors play critical roles in our chapters and can be a huge asset when relationships are respectful, balanced and strong.  During this workshop we equip our support mentors with tools to understand Gen Z in ways that impact the future of our chapters and are required for the sustainability of our organizations.  These exciting new perspectives provide insight to the larger picture of today's Panhellenic initiatives and processes that in many ways are drastically different than just 5 years ago.    We explore what it means to empower women through mentorship and introduce leadership and communication styles that are guaranteed to connect with students of today.

"Thank you for the insight you shared today.  So much has changed since I was in the chapter and I now understand how I can help guide our students much better."

Recruitment Advisor,

University of Southern Mississippi

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