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When Women Unite, Powerful Things Happen.


Our congruent-language recruitment training is unique and fresh to empower your

Potential New Members, Recruitment Counselors, and Chapter Members

to feel confident, prepared and equipped to 


"College Moxie's recruitment programming was so helpful.  

I am so SO thankful we utilized it and would recommend it to anyone."

- Leslie M. Panhellenic President

 University of Arizona

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you've done.  You have created such an environment of authenticity and love throughout our Panhellenic community.  Thank you for teaching me what it means to empower others and myself all at the same time!"

- Carson W. Panhellenic Recruitment

Arkansas State University 

PNM pump up

"Going into recruitment I felt intimidated, discouraged, and vulnerable. After listening to Lizz’s inspirational speech I was overcome with peace and confidence. I am so thankful I got the opportunity to experience the love of such an empowering program."

- Schyler M.

Oklahoma State University 

Recruitment Counselor Training

Rooted in empathetic leadership, our Recruitment Counselor Training empowers your leaders to be confident and comfortable paving the way for our potential new members to have the best experiences possible.  Our unique Conversation Card Series gives your Recruitment Counselors phrases and questions at their fingertips to know how to break the ice, challenge bias, have tough conversations and promote the benefits of Panhellenic membership. 

Being an EXCEPTIONAL Recruitment Counsel
chapter consults.jpg

Customized Chapter


Each chapter's leadership team fills out a detailed survey so we understand where you see your strengths, opportunities for growth and general perspective on where you fit into your community at large.  We utilize this information to create a customized program to empower your leadership or chapter to be its best by introducing proven strategies and guided conversation to get everyone on the same page.  We also share exactly what we are telling your PNMs so that your members have the ability to have thoughtful responses to important questions and go deeper quicker in the conversation process.

A group of women at a business meeting

chapter Recruitment advisor training

As alumnae, we often believe the chapter was at it's best when we were there and don't see a need for change or want to lose our "traditions".  During this workshop we equip our support mentors with tools to understand the importance of Diversity and Inclusion and what we know about Gen Z in ways that impact the future of our chapters and are required for the sustainability of our council and organizations.  This generally causes shifts to seeing the larger picture of Panhellenic influence with more open mindedness and awareness of toxic competitive pressures that can sometimes be driven by external influences.    We also challenge them in what it means to empower women through mentorship and that leadership styles once utilized may not be best practices in connecting with students of today.

Master Class Series for chapter Recruitment Chairs

College Moxie and their MasterClasses provided the Washington State Panhellenic Recruitment Chairs with an abundance of resources and innovative ideas. Lizz fostered unitive growth among the chapters and since then our community has seen a huge increase in collaboration across the board. It really makes a difference when chapters all work together towards the same goal, and we couldn’t have done it without College Moxie and Lizz!


- Rachel W.

Washington State University

This dynamic series focuses on how to successfully lead a chapter through recruitment, introducing leadership skills and recruitment strategies geared toward "how to lead in a way others want to follow" and how to structure your prep time in a way that members won't feel burned out or overwhelmed.


We also address ways we can better align our values with our recruitment practices so we are moving our communities forward rather than simply doing what we've always done to ensure we are relevant and connecting to today's PNMs in the strongest way possible.


Spirit Week 

Success Tool Kit

3 Specifically Targeted Activities

2  Strategy Building Team Calls

1 Unifying Experience

"It’s compelling, interactive, and thought-provoking. With all the resources included there is no way for chapters to not see a significant increase in engagement and involvement."

- Nicole S.

Penn State University 

"I wish we had done this!! So so smart."

-Kayla B. 

Chapter President

American University

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