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"I’m so thankful that we got to have Lizz speak to our community virtually! Her messages are so genuine and personable and her advice and knowledge left an amazing impact.

Facilitating conversations around self care in college got our girls to connect much more deeply and left them with tools on how to be better to themselves and in their relationships."

- Giorgie H.  San Diego State University

"“Lizz and College Moxie are an unmatched duo that I would highly recommend to any woman in a Greek organization. I came in closed minded and left feeling challenged in every aspect of leadership. She opened my mind to possiblities and situations that terrified me and now I feel confident and ready to talk to my chapter about any matter. Not only in recruitment but every aspect of my sorority. If you ever have doubt, turn to College Moxie! Lizz will not let you down.”

- Maggie C.  Arkansas State University

"College Moxie transformed my chapter."

- Victoria F.  Ole Miss

"It’s too easy to get caught up in college life, but this experience allowed me to pause my week and focus on bettering myself and the girls around me.

I loved knowing that I was uplifting girls on my campus by focusing on issues that first-hand affect us."

Abbey W.  University of Georgia

"Having the opportunity to be a leader in my Elevate group has caused me to look at myself and my peers in a different way. I recognize that in order to respect others I must first respect myself by setting boundaries and listening to my intuition. College Moxie has encouraged me to not only lift up myself but my friends as well so that we can move forward as strong collegiate women in a culture that may sometimes make us feel otherwise".

Tyler J.  University of Colorado, Boulder

"I loved the conversations you facilitated to bond our Panhellenic community.  Thank you for leaving our women feeling so empowered.  Your event was the best way I could have ended my term."

Sara B.  Penn State University

"College Moxie has helped me gain confidence and given me a safe space to grow as a young woman with my peers! The way the ELEVATE program approaches topics which collegiate women like me see regularly has made me feel knowledgeable, safe, and comfortable when it comes to life on campus.." 

— Savannah B.  North Carolina State University

"From my first semester, to my last, Lizz has been a source of support and inspiration. Her example of selflessness is felt by all those she comes in contact with. The College Moxie brand, and the women she brings together are no different. Embedded in each program is a commitment to educating and empowering women, inspiring us all to be our most authentic selves. I consider myself lucky to call Lizz a friend, sister and mentor." 

— Molly M.  University of Southern California

"Lizz's ability to relate to women of all ages is something that cannot be taught and her contagiously positive personality puts you at ease with her immediately.  She not only helped me to grow as a leader, but as a sister and friend."  

Logan L.  Chapter President; New York, NY

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