Last Minute Gift Guide for the Empow(h)ered Women in Your Life

Besides the cookies, my favorite part of the holidays is gift giving! Although as a college student on a college student budget, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for all the wonderful women in our lives. Whether it be our moms, aunts, sisters, friends, or mentors -- these women have taught me many valuable lessons and I find the holidays to be the best time to show my appreciation! I have outlined some of my favorite gifts to give to all the empowering women in my life below!



Get ready to raid your childhood craft box! A homemade card on construction paper paired with some glitter and a handwritten note can mean the most. This is the perfect way to express your love and thanks! Hand deliver them, stick them in the mail, or slide them under the door of the women you love the most!


Homemade cookies (or even store bought with love) cookies are a simple way to show

you’ve been thinking about them!

Ornament/Snow Globe

A crafted ornament or snow globe are the perfect little reminder of how much you care! These are easy to make with materials around the house too. The best part is that they will be brought out for holidays to come!

Low Cost:


I have found that making a small donation to a charity close to someone’s heart is one of the best gifts. Consider picking an organization that supports women, too. This is a great and thoughtful last minute gift!


A mug is my favorite gift to give! This is an easy and affordable way to personalize a gift. Finding a mug that fits the personality of a recipient is such a fun task! You can always pair this with their favorite tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or a gift card!

The most important gift we can give these women is to show them how much they mean to us!



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